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30 years ago, I decided to put aside watercolor, acrylic and oil painting to risk an experiment through an original form of painting. From the water and loam, which I collected myself, I laid the foundations for a painting technique, which at that time was not yet named. Everything had to be built from scratch. In 1992, I showed my first loam paintings in my hometown – Vienna. The next ones were created in my second homeland – Poland. From here they emigrated into the world.

My paintings are linked with music, science, literature and religion. I believe that I am morally responsible when dealing with Mother Earth. Thanks to this awareness, throughout the years I have developed new trends in my work: icons, landscapes, animal portraits, space reflections, still life.

It was thanks to the construction of my own studio, gallery and workshop near Krakow that I was able to develop and exhibit loam paintings on par with classic painting techniques. I have gained the recognition of other artists and gathered the interest of collectors and sponsors. Part of my work can be viewed on this page, while the rest can be found in my gallery – “Colors of the earth”.



    Gallery “Colors of the earth”
    (Galeria “Barwy Ziemi”)
    ul. Stoczki 21
    32-088 Przybysławice