Sketchbook to catch the moment

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26 sketchbooks

shown here, are a continuous series since 1986. They include, in addition drawings, watercolors, notes and thoughts. They thus serve as diaries and accompanied the artist through all the years of work and travel. The growing collection survived many relocations. They became a small document of a personal life-story.


Once personal items were stolen from an apartment, among them the actual sketchbook. The thief in fact took up a call on the stolen mobile phone and it was possible to persuade him to throw the book in a small street next to a rubbish container. Another time a book was forgotten in the bus. It drove hundreds of miles without the artist through the Czech republic. It was found after a spectacular search. Many thanks to the bus company!

Signs of Times

Continuous drawing is a very good training. But art for art only does not make big sense. You want to travel, to catch moments and impressions, to achieve goals, to find friends, to explore the world. On the way were found the earth-painting, a specific form of Icon Writing and the Aqualoam Painting. As many other ideas it started with - or in - a sketchbook from this row below.