Exhibitions and Workshops

wystawa w Korzkwi, 25 maja 2015 wystawa w Korzkwi, 25 maja 2015 wystawa w Korzkwi, 25 maja 2015 wystawa w Korzkwi, 25 maja 2015 wystawa w Korzkwi, 25 maja 2015 wystawa w Korzkwi, 25 maja 2015
Between Stars And Earth

Amaminatos, Maminatos and other original techniques of Loampainting
in the Castle of Korzkiew.
Pictures and Video of the event You may find below.

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Maminatos and Amaminatos in the Castle of Korzkiew

Video: Rafał Kosecki

Derby of Fine Art in Siemianowice Śląskie

Fine-Art Derby 2015 in the City-Museum of Siemianowice Śląskie, station of a touring exhibition through Silesia and Lesser Poland with 67 artists participating.

Photo Gallery

"Between Stars And Earth"
Vernissage in Korzkiew 2015 - Amaminatos, Maminatos and other original techniques of Loampainting; Fotos und Video-Screenshots: Rafał Kosecki

Workshop & Constellation 111, part I
Agricultural Academy in Kraków; Foto: Jakub Leszko

Loam-Painting Shows
  • 1992 Private hospital "Contacta", Vienna
  • 1992 Gallery Białoprądnicki, Kracow
  • 1992 Nowa Huta, Krakow
  • 1993 Mała Galeria, Kracow
  • 1993 Dominican church, Kracow
  • 1994 Foundation for History of Art, Kracow
  • 1995 Regional association for ecological Edukation, City of Kracow
  • 1995 Andrychów, Poland
  • 1998 Austrian Consulate in Kracow
  • 2002 Gallery "Piękna Zośka", Kracow
  • 2003 Parish of Spillern, Austria
  • 2005 "Sacred Earth", Kracow
  • 2005 Galerie "stare i nowe", Cracow
  • 2006 Polish insect days "Insects - Waste - Earth-paintings"
  • 2006 Ikons and Wayside-Shrines, House of Cracow, Norymberg
  • 2007 Ikons and Wayside-Shrines, CKiW Andrychów, Poland
  • 2010 Historical Museum, Gallery Bazar Sztuki, Sanok, Poland
  • 2011 Center for Culture und Tourism in Wieliczka, Polen
  • 2011 "Holiness painted in Earth", CKiW Andrychów
  • 2012 "From the dust to eternity", Castle of Dębno near Tarnów
  • 2015 "Between Stars And Earth", Castle of Korzkiew
  • 2015 Derby of Fine Art, City-Museum Siemianowice Śląskie
Classic painting techniques
  • 1982 4th Viennese Free Art Exhibition, Künstlerhaus Wien
  • 1985 Cultural center Korneuburg and Spillern , Austria
  • 1985 Cafe Kunst & Kultur, Vienna
  • 1985 Project Gallery "Vienna Art", Blasket Island , Rep. of Irland
  • 1985 Gallery Pat Hennesy, Dingle, Rep. of Irland
  • 1986 Mystical Cycles, Krems and Michelstetten , Austria
  • 1986 Village panorama of Michelstetten, wall-painting, Lower Austria; Monolit for the opponents of regimes
  • 1987 Subconscious , Laa/Thaya, Austria
  • 1990 "The sense of touch", prehistoric museum, Asparn/Zaya, Austria
  • 2000 Café "Iluzjon" Warsaw
  • 2001 Art Studio Popper, Kazimierz, Cracow
  • 2001 Gallery "Piękna Zośka", Cracow
  • 1986 Earth-Sweatlodges, Peace-Performances, Cultureclub Michelstetten, Austria
  • 1990 Reafforestation and renaturation in dry areas, Austria
  • 1992 First Loam-painting seminars for students, teachers and managers in Kracow
  • 1993 Loam wall-painting for a home of autistic children in Kracow
  • 1993 Public loam front elevation design of a library, Nowa Huta, Kracow
  • 1993 Stage set, Georg Trakl, Bagatela-Theater, Kracow
  • 1995 Cooperation with the "school of the life" of Prof. M. Łukasiewicz, Wrocłław
  • 1994 Initiation and planning of the "International school with dynamic architecture and biotopes" in Kracow
  • 1995 Application of loam and clay workshops in language lessons
  • 1996 Conception of safety bicycle traffic in Kracow, the "Vistula cycle track", Competition of the Polish Ecological Foundation of Posen
  • 1998 Stage scenario for Robert Gawlinski (Leader of Wilky)
  • 1999 First Play-with-earth-table for children
  • 2001 Covering of People in the Wolf Popper Synagogue (Dom Poppera) in Kazimierz, Kracow
  • 2001 Project "Ecumenical Hall and Oratorio at the Wistula River", Conference for tourism and regional development in Kracow
  • 2004 Wheel rolling, Earthpainting-spots, film about Hofers loam-art by Aleksander Trafas
  • 2004 Loam and clay for the Waldorf methodology
  • 2005 Art-lessons in the Ceramics-Studio "Pracownia Ceramiki Artystycznej" in Kracow
  • 2006 Workshops for Waldorf teachers
  • 2006 Loam-Performance in the Bednarski-Park, Kracow, Wywrotka Festival
  • 2007 Wayside-Shrines, Loam-Workshops for students and teachers in the Nationalpark of Ojców
  • 2011 Renewal of the Icon at the Brama Krakowska in the National Park of Ojców
  • 1998 -2001 Irish, Scottish, American, Hungarian folk music and Klezmer with Stefan Puchalski and Judith Bows ("no borders", "Kazimierz")
  • 2005 - 2007 recordings with Otgonbayar, CD Zastiin Nogoodoi
music album

The singer and translator (Japanese, Mongolian, Russian, English, German) Otgonbayar, is born in a nomadic family from the Zakhchin-tribe in West-Mongolia. She lives and works in Austria.