Maminato Watercolor with natural earth only

Elbe1, © Wolfgang Hofer Elbe2, © Wolfgang Hofer Danube branch,  © Wolfgang Hofer Zebra with a foal, © Wolfgang Hofer Raccoon, © Wolfgang Hofer Trout, © Wolfgang Hofer Kissing Apples, © Wolfgang Hofer
Maminato and Amaminato

are the latest inventions by Wolfgang Hofer, as an alternation of the classic watercolor paintings. Earth pigments were since ever used in watercolor painting, but they are generally only usefull, when refined adequately by manufacturers. Watercolor painting in itself is not an easy technique and it took Hofer about two decades to find out, how to paint on paper without any the addition of binder or manufactured pigments. He works only with raw earth directly from the soil and pure water.

Earth is crude and cumbersome and there are many limitations of the material and of course it makes sence to improve the natural substance. In addition the color palette of earth is beautiful, but quite limited. But Hofer looked for other strategies trusting in his way of understanding of this primordial matter. The result You may appraise in the timeline of pictures below. He named his first Earth-watercolor-technique "Aqualoam" and replaced it later by the terms Maminato "Malerei mit natürlichem Ton" and Amaminato "Astro-Malerei mit natürlichem Ton", abreviations of the meanings in german.

Heavy brush-hours

Hofer collected experience in outdoor painting. At the beginning the archaic earth pigments were hardly to manage, they were crumbling into dust in the paintbox. Becausee of the heavy stuff and the amount of work suffers the flexibility in the open air. This caused a lot of workarounds, which have been improved more and more.

Precious Earth

Beautiful earth tones are more valuable than gold for me. I thank God for the understanding, how noble acts this material with the the correct use. Fools or artists are called to realize good things, held for nonsense or worthless.
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