Atelier Earth Spirit
Pictures made by loam and water  by Wolfgang Hofer
The studio is nice situated in the near of the Nationalpark of Ojców, in the north of Krakow. It was built by Wolfgang Hofer in 2005. From this time on it serves as a stable place for the special demands of his Loam-Painting technique.
During the last decades, Hofer founded an art of painting with natural earth - Christian Icons and other themes, made only from sand, water and loam. The artist gothered many earth-pigments during journeys. They are completely kept in their natural state the way they come out of the soil and by this the Christian Icons and other loam-pictures are worked out in a very special manner. The ecological meaning is nice too, but the intention of the painter are primarily the colors. To find out more about it, take a look by Yourself. Your very welcome!